Who can witness a Deed Poll Name Change Document?

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Who can witness a Deed Poll Name Change Document?

Any two adults aged 18 years or over who are not family members are suitable and are legally allowed and able to witness your Deed Poll change of name document. Your witnesses can be friends, neighbours, work colleagues or even complete strangers. Your witnesses are simply signing to show they have witnessed your signing of your change of name document, not that they have read or understood the document.

In the presence of your two witnesses you must first fill in the information required on the Deed Poll document in the spaces provided including the date of signing and your old and new signatures. You must sign both your old and new names, even if your signature has not changed with your new name. Children aged 16 years or under are not required to sign their name change document as this is done by you as the parent or guardian.

Once you have filled in and signed your parts of the Deed Poll document your two witnesses can now sign in the spaces provided. They must each also fill in their name, address and occupation.

Once all of the fields have been filled in and the document has been completed in full you have now officially and legally changed your name. You now simply show your name change document to the companies or organisations you deal wit any time you need to prove your identity.

It is a good idea to print and witness several copies of your Deed Poll document for future use. Each of your copies must be signed, dated and witnessed in the same way as the original in order to be valid.

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