UK Government Official Name Change Documents

Deed poll and Statutory Declaration Change Name Documents online for £10

UK Government Official Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration Name Change Documents

Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration documents downloaded from this website are officially and legally recognised evidence of your name change.

Your downloaded and authorised name change document, whether a Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration, will be accepted as the proof of your name change by all UK Government Official Agencies an other companies and organisations who need to confirm your identity.

This includes HM Passport Office, DVLA, NHS and medical, Ministry of Defence, National Insurance and the Inland Revenue, Credit Cards, High Street Banks or Building Societies, the Post Office, employers, schools, clubs etc.

Your change of name document downloaded from this website comes complete with all of the officially recognised wording correctly written for your individual change of name. We also provide you with the simple instructions on how to authorise your document to make it legally valid and ready to be used to prove your new name.

Simply take your name change document with you each time you need to confirm your identity.