Transgender Name Changes by Statutory Declaration

Deed poll and Statutory Declaration Change Name Documents online for £10

Transgender Name Changes by Statutory Declaration

Many Transgender people choose to also officially change their name, and use their new name in all correspondence from that point on. Transgender name changes are actually the same as name changes for any other reason. You may use the same type of Statutory Declaration name change process for a Transgender name change.

If you wish to also change your title, for example from Mr to Miss, or from Mrs to Mr, you can incorporate this in to your name change document. However there is no legal requirement for an officially recognised transgender name change document just for this. You may simply begin using your new title.

You must first fill in our online name change application form with your personal details including your transgender change of name. Even if you are just making a simple change to your first name to make it sound like the opposite gender, it is important that you fill in the full name you wish to be known as, including your new first, middle and surname.

You must then make your payment by PayPal. You will be directed to the PayPal payment screen once the form is processed. The cost of each Statutory Declaration name change document is £10 no mater what the reason for your name change, including for transgender name changes. As soon as your payment is confirmed you will be directed back to this website to download your new Statutory Declaration document.

Your Statutory Declaration change of name document must now be taken to a solicitors office in order to swear an oath on the document. There will be a small charge to do this of £5. The solicitor will then add their official company stamp to your Statutory Declaration document. Your name change Statutory Declaration document is now legally authorised and is the evidence of your new name. It is a good idea to ask the solicitor for several certified copies of your completed Statutory Declaration document for future use.

You must now use your Statutory Declaration document to inform all of the UK Government agencies, organisations and companies who hold your personal records to inform them of your new name.

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