Child Name Change by Deed Poll facts and information

Deed poll and Statutory Declaration Change Name Documents online for £10

Changing children's names by Deed Poll:

If a child is aged under 16 years their name change must be completed by their parent or legal guardian. The name change process for children is the same as for an adult, although the child is not required to sign the Deed Poll name change document.

You should simply choose the Child Name Change Application Form on this website to begin the process. The cost of each name change document is £10.

If have sole parental responsibility and wish to change your child's name or surname by Deed Poll, then you do not need the consent of the child's other parent. If you have joint parental responsibility, or if you are not the only person named on your child's birth certificate, then you do need the consent of your child's other parent. To find out if you have sole parental responsibility go to: Parents Rights (opens in a new window).

Joint parental responsibility:

If you have joint parental responsibility for your child, you need a letter of consent from the other parent showing they agree to the Deed Poll name change. This simply needs to say they agree to the change of name, has their full name and address, the child's old and new names and date of birth, and must be signed and dated by the other parent. You must mark this letter 'Exhibit A' and keep this letter with your Deed Poll document and show this whenever you need to prove your child's new name.

Child birth certificate changes:

Corrections to a birth registration can only be made when the information is wrong, for example a mistake was made when recording a parent's occupation.

It is not usually possible to change the name on your child's birth certificate. It is sometimes possible to change a child's surname under certain circumstances such as if the parents were not married at the time of registration of the child's birth but subsequently marry.

You should contact the registry office where the birth was recorded for further information about your individual case.