Change Name by Deed Poll for £10 online - UK

Deed poll and Statutory Declaration Change Name Documents online for £10

Change Name by Deed Poll

If you need to change your name by Deed Poll you can use this website to produce a legally recognised and UK Government accepted change name document.

How do I Change my Name by Deed Poll?

You must first fill in your personal details including your old and new names in to our online change name form. Follow the link on this site that says 'apply today'. You can change your own name if you are 16 years of age or over, and you can change a child's name if they are aged under 16 years.

Once you have filled in the online form you will be directed to the PayPal website to make your payment. Each change name document costs £10. As soon as your PayPal payment is confirmed you will be directed back to this website to download your change name document. You may print as many copies of your change name Deed Poll document as you think you will require for future use.

Your change name Deed Poll document must then be signed and dated by you in the presence of two witnesses who should not be family members. The witnesses must then sign and date the change name Deed Poll document to prove they have witnessed it. Your change name Deed Poll document is now complete and can be used to prove your change of name to all of the companies and organisations who need to be informed of your change of name.

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