Certified Copies of Name Change Documents

Deed poll and Statutory Declaration Change Name Documents online for £10

Obtaining certified copies of your name change documents

To certify additional copies of your name change documents, you must ask a professional person or someone of good standing and well-respected in your community such as a:

The person you ask should not be related to you, living at the same address or in any form of relationship with you.

You must take the photocopied document and the original and ask the person to certify the copy by:

The person certifying the document may charge you a fee.

However: There is an alternative via this website:

We recommend you choose Deed Poll as your form of name change document. You can print as many copies of your name change document as you require for future use, and have each of these original documents authorised in the same way at the same time. This way you will not need certified copies, just use one of your originals each time you need to prove your change of name. This avoids the future expense of a visit to a solicitor.